Montag, 12. März 2018

Road to World War IV: Dynamics

"Not a Nazi master-plan but the bloody dynamic and rivalry of various factions inside the regime constituted the base and the power for the escalation of terror. Despite their different convictions, traditions and even serious conflicts among each other they all approved the irrational core-principles of the regime: Annihilation of the Jews, decimation, terrorization of the Untermenschen, establishment of Aryan supremacy. When the Wahnseeconference officially determined the extermination of the Jews, German institutions had already been killing Jewish, Soviet, Serbian and Polish civilians en masse for four years. Not a strict state controlled agenda, but the dissolution of the state into factions with overlapping responsibilities, the involvement of non/semi-state actors (Blue division, Legion Condor) blurring national borders and authority, the mobilization of fifth columns and collaborators, the outsourcing of terror to factions allied with the regime, a general atmosphere of fascism and warmongering independent of Nazi-regime created the environment of all out terror and war, which enabled mass murder of millions. Before the outbreak of World War II war and mass murder already spread over Spain (Spanish civil war 1936 – 1939), Ethiopia (Second Italo-Ethiopian War 1935 – 1939), Albania (Italian invasion of Albania 1939) and China (Second Sino-Japanese War 1937 – 1945). Chinese historians date the outbreak of World War II with Japanese attack on China 1937. Hundreds of thousands of Chinese civilians were brutally massacred in Nanking in December 1937 in the wake of Japans attack on China."