Dienstag, 20. März 2018

Road to World War IV - The assault on Afrin

Luis Liendo Espinoza

Road to World War IV

Failure of the Iran-first doctrine - The assault on Afrin

"The Western genius living in his iPhone-comfort-bubble finally lost his mind. The Kurds try to save principles of the French Revolution and the West thanks them by sending NATO-beheaders. For the modest thinker it is enough to sit in the conference-hall and listen to great speeches how to counter radical Islam, Iran and bring freedom to the Middle East. Asking how this alleged strategies will be implemented and how things actually develop on the ground already surpasses the West's cognitive horizon. The fact that nations, parties and movements in the Middle-East, who support freedom, the West and oppose Sunni and Shia Jihad are constantly led down by the West and left to the mercy of death-squads doesn't bother the wicked geostrategist. So the propagandists keep on calling to the people of the Middle East to stand with the West, to stand with Israel against Iran, against radical Islam, against ISIS, while the Jihadist NATO-member throws the corpses of killed Kurdish fighters in the trenches. Experts mind."