Freitag, 19. Januar 2018

Road to World War IV

Luis Liendo Espinoza

Road to World War IV

Failure of the Iran-first doctrine

The "Grand Strategy" (Institute for the Study of War) depicts itself as a comprehensive and professional plan to maintain Western strength and interests in the Middle East, while countering Iranian regime and radical Islam. In fact it is an expensive PR-show by Western factions based on four pillars:

a) Arm and support Sunni states and proxies to fight Iranian militias, Iran's strategic ally Assad and counter Iranian influence.
b) Ignore all facts that suggest that this plan is flawed from the start or that the plan is simply not working.
c) Denounce everyone as pawn of Iran, who hints on errors of this plan or doesn't fit in this megalomaniac painting. Don’t hesitate to spread lethal disinformation about several actors in the Middle East (i.e. Kurds).
d) Promote this idea till the last breath in order to get paid and interviewed as long as possible.

The basic principles of this scheme are sound and clear: Iran is as Shia force in war with the Sunni Arab states. The greater the objective danger by Iran, the more the Sunni Arab states will understand that Israel is not their main enemy but could be their ally against Iran. The issue with this doctrine were not the propositions, but the reckless and dogmatic application of this assumptions to that bizarre extent, that the Iran-first doctrine became a popular tool to simulate determination and awareness, while at the same time hiding and belittling the overall failure of the efforts to counter Shia Jihad and appeasing Sunni extremism. In other words: in an ironic twist of history it became a helpful tool to sabotage efforts to fight Iran.

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